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Original Play Holding Open Auditions
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Waverly, NY
Job Description:
I am writing/directing an original play for the Waverly Storefront Theatre in Waverly NY. It is based in an Irish pub in Ireland and it is 90% comedy and 10% drama. I have pre-cast several quality actors into certain roles, but I have two key roles that I still need to fill.

What I am looking for:

2 Males 50s to 70s- Must have convincing Irish accent no Lucky Charms leprechauns please.

MUST be available for a minimum of four, two hour rehearsals a week to be held at the theatre beginning in late January.

The show begins in early March and runs every weekend through St. Patrick's Day.

If interested please shoot me an email with any experience you may have, though I am not as interested in experience as I am talent and commitment. This is a community theatre so no egos need apply.
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