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Music Video Casting Two Female Leads
Job Location:
Charlotte, NC
Job Description:
We are scouting for two actresses for our upcoming music video production. The performance will be filmed in Los Angeles, and we will be filming the narrative here in North Carolina.

Outdoor shoot
10-12 hour shoot day with catering.

The story is a lesson on jealousy, envy, greed, and the real evil that overshadows it.

Hair Color: Blonde, 5'7-5'10
Dress size: 2 - 4
Angela is the perfect, pure, angelic woman in a flowing white gown. She is naïve, timid, and innocent. Her personality becomes darker as the story progresses.

Hair Color: Brunette, 5'7'-5'10
Dress size: 2-4
Angela's counterpart. She is wild at heart and curious with a commanding presence.

Please reply with "DH Music Video Lead" in the subject line. Please send resume and head-shot(s) with the response.

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