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SAG New Media project looking for ACTORS in main and EXTRA roles
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Jacksonville, FL
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Big Break, Season 1

Synopsis: Directed by Dan Solomon, "Big Break is an original web TV dramedy set in Jacksonville, FL. Filming will begin in Jacksonville in January 2011 and continue through the spring to complete the first season.

This is a SAG New Media project and is an excellent opportunity for talented actors who are looking for a rare opportunity to carry a character and ultimately gain incredible exposure. The show's themes deal with the real-life struggles aspiring actors face trying to make it in the entertainment industry, female friendships, self-discovery and love.

To be considered, please submit professional head shots and resumes to email provided with the role you are interested in along with your name in the subject line. Callbacks will be held by appointment only in Jacksonville.

Submit for a role ONLY if you fit the description. Union and non-union actors are encouraged to submit.

Character Breakdowns

Tyler Hurley, Lead – Male, 20s, Caucasian. A surfer hunk and aspiring actor. He's the laid-back guy-next-door who embraces life and lives it fully. He's genuine, strong-willed, smart, and in love with his girlfriend Natalie (lead). This role requires intimacy, implied love scenes and emotional availability from a strong leading-man type. Must be comfortable shirtless.

Gram – Female, 70s. Recurring role. Caucasian with light-toned hair. A with-it grandmother. Smart, forgiving, warm.

Casting Assistant – Male, 20s-30s, any ethnicity. Amy's right-hand man. Arrogant but obedient to Amy.

Alex – Male, 20s, Mixed race, African-American, Latino, Native American or Asian/Pacific Islander. Part of the acting class. Dark-haired, fun, charismatic, the life of the party. Has an authentic, sensitive side.

Bridget – Female, 20s, Mixed race, African-American, Latino, Native American or Asian/Pacific Islander. Dark-haired, attractive, early 20s. Bridget is a bossy and intellectual film student, has a thing for Justin.

Spa owner / Kansas's boss – Male, 50s, any ethnicity. Fatherly, centered, magnanimous.

Bar guys (2) – Male, 20s-30s, any ethnicity. Attractive, well-groomed.

Bartender – Male, 20s/30s/40s, any ethnicity. Looks like a male stripper.


Party-goers (10) – Male and Female, 20s/30s, any ethnicity. Their look: artsy, funky, bohemian. Who they are: rockers, partiers, and intellectuals.

Bar patrons (6) - Male and Female, 20s/30s, any ethnicity. Well-dressed, trendy attire.

Actors in class (6) – Male and Female, 20-40s, any ethnicity, any type.
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