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Melbourne, FL
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A young, caucasian woman (ages 21-30) is needed for print ads. We would prefer long, straight, black hair, but any color would do. Please, no short hair! Think Morticha Adams or Elvira. Having large boobs wouldn't hurt either. Hey, everybody knows
sex sells!

We cannot afford to pay any money, but we're willing to shoot any photos that you would want for your own portfolio in exchange for your time and services.

Ads call for the model to wear a company T-shirt and black shorts. Shirt is provided, but you will be required to supply black shorts. If you don't have those, we're willing to reimburse you for the purchase. Simply bring your store reciept and we'll pay you cash on the spot.

You will be required to sign a model release for our work. In addition to any photos that you may want, you will recieve full credit within
the ads themselves. You may also use these ads as part of your portfolio as well.

The ads are for the marketing of an all new instructional DVD called "Figure Model Airbrushing". To get more info, visit our site at Once you see the site, you'll understand the Morticha Adams, Elvira theme.

When responding to this ad, please type "Ad Model" in the subject line. All others will be deleted! Be sure to include any photos that you feel show you at your best. Please, no cell phone pics! Use good lighting and make sure they are in sharp focus!
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