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"Old Fashioned" Feature Film looking for cast
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Lakeland, FL
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Skoche Films is proud to announce that it is beginning its nation-wide search for the perfect cast, and it's starting in Central Florida. It will continue on to a few other select cities such as NYC, LA, ATL, etc., but the casting sessions here will be the only opportunity for sunshine state actors to audition for the film, "Old Fashioned".

"Old Fashioned" is a romantic/comedy feature film. What happens when modern romantic ideals meet an old fashioned approach toward dating?

The film is fully funded and already has a distribution deal in place with a major studio. To be clear - this film is fully financed, greenlit and ready to roll; now it just needs the perfect cast!

The film is considering both SAG and non-SAG alike. We are looking for the best possible actors, period!

The film will shoot for two months - this March and April. It is a relatively small cast, so the time committment, depending on the role, could be sizeable.

Audition info:

When and Where: Saturday, January 15th some time between 9am - 5pm. Location and a specific time slot will be given to those applicants who have been selected to audition.

Please email us your headshot and resume and the role(s) you are interested in auditioning for!

CLAY WALSH – White, 30-ish and on the artsy side. Messy hair and laid-back. Blue jeans and white collared shirt type-of-guy.

AMBER HEWSON – White, 30’s, Mesmerizing brunette. Gypsy-Type. She is a genuine woman-child. Sensual. Spiritual. Somehow more alive than the rest of us.

CAROL – Any ethnicity, somewhere north of 50. Flower shop owner who has seen her share of sun, smokes, and booze. She’s at that age where she juggles the line between friend and mother figure.

BRAD (LUCKY CHUCKY) – White, 30’s, a stud; the kind of alpha-male that is the very definition of female fantasy. He hosts a radio show and is the small-town version of Don Imus. Would love a stand-up for this role with a decent fan-base.

GEORGE – Any ethnicity, 50’s or 60’s, flannel-wearing old-timer. Antique dealer who’s been married for years, just not quite happily.

AUNT ZELLA – White, pushing 80 and going strong. Deeply religious but with a sincerity that doesn’t feel threatening.

TRISH – White, 21, party girl more concerned with having fun than finding Mr. Right.

LISA – Any ethnicity, 30-something mother. A friend you can talk to but who can’t help but make her 2-year old daughter the center of attention.

DAVID – Any ethnicity, 30’s kind & sincere best-friend-type. Engaged with the mother of his 2-year old daughter. Good sense of humor.
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