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THE OBESITY ENDS NOW! “Health Nutz” is a new reality show that will take health food to the next level. Our contestants will be ending the fat madness by transforming so called “health food” into plain old “food”. We’re looking for women
who can transform the undesirable into the hottest dish in town.

Do you have a trick for taking the bland and making it the bomb? Can you take healthy low-fat foods and turn them into a snack for the masses?

If you have your own healthy food recipes that are just waiting for a more modern menu – now’s the time! “Health Nutz” will feature multiple teams of women who can dish it out in more ways than one. We need an outgoing high-energy girls that will stop at nothing to take their special recipes to the world.
The winning team may be given the opportunity to have their very own restaurant!

1) Looking for fun high-energy women in their early to late 20's. Any ethnicity. Pairs/friends work too!
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