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Models & Actors Needed for the Golfn' Show
Job Location:
Columbus, OH
Job Description:
The Golfn' Show is in production and needs talented models to spice up the shows. Our show is classy and is something you want
to be a part of. You'll be proud to show friends and family the show you're in. Not like the shady web cam modeling jobs circulating on CL promising big money.
Our show is a professionally produced high quality show filmed in full HD with professional cameras and equipment.
Golfn' Show models will memorize a series of lines and deliver them for our fans.
This is the awesome hot new show that you want to be a part of and will help fill out your resume plus
put some change in your pocket. Actresses, playboy models, Hooter's Girls, Models and more welcome to apply.

Our models will not be golfing or doing instruction just delivering lines to welcome viewers into the shows.
It's kind of like the Price is Right but, you get to say the lines.
Models need to bring an attractive look to the show that will make Golfers interested in watching our show.

Please forward a few photos, a description, measurements, age and any experience to us at The Golfn' Show!

Compensation will be $15-$45/ Hr. Pay Depends on experience and talent level.
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