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Calendar Casting for Firefighter Dream Girls 2012 Calendar
Job Location:
Surrounding cities and states, CT
Job Description:
You do not need to be a firefighter to be a FF Dream Girl.

If interested you have to send a head and standing bikini/lingerie shot showing your stomach by clicking below!

State if your willing to shoot suggestive nude with cover-up, wet tee shirt or just bikini and lingerie. Also send your profile link.
This way we have all the info we need grouped in a email for review because this is posted on 4 model sights and on FB.

This is a general info:

The Firefighter Dream Girls 2011 Calendar was my first calendar and was sold via word of mouth, eBay and FB. Being the first calendar there was no market base. This one will have a small market base from past buyers of the first one and again, their word of mouth. The ladies from the 2011 calendar made $30. This calendar also started to sell in mid October... The 2012 calendar I want selling in June!

Pay is 25ยข pre calendar sold after printing cost. The first print will be 200 calendars and they will sell for $14.95 via word of mouth in fire departments, on eBay and FB. The first 70 calendars pay for the printing and the rest we get our pay from. After the first 200 sell I will be printing lots of 100 where the first 40 pay the printing. I will be offering a separate CD with 10 digital out-takes where you would receive $1 for each one of those sold.

I shoot for about one hour for the calendar. You also get a one hour shoot to work on your portfolio. We will be shooting on croma-green for the calendar so don?t bring green to shoot on unless you want to be Miss March (I will shoot on white for that and do more Photoshoping). I add the trucks and backgrounds later in Photoshop. Fire departments will not let us use their apparatus because of insurance liability.

I plan on shooting mid March to the end of April and hope to start selling in June this year. You will get to pick 10 image you like for digital touch-up for your portfolio and a copy of your 11x17 calendar page.

What I need:
Serious models... Last year was full of ?I want?, way over weight and no shows...
I need:
One black lady
One Spanish lady
One Asian lady
At least 3 blonds
A redhead for March?
At least 3 ladies to do suggestive nudes. Ladies willing to shoot suggestive get bonus points when the ladies are picked so if your willing to shoot suggestive let us know.

What is required:
You must be fit/slim to for the theme. This is a lingerie, bikini, wet tee and suggestive shoot with oil & water and maybe a little dirt this year. You will need to do your own hair and makeup and bring you own attire. I will supply the fire gear, tools and such.

Shoot Dates:
Plan to shoot mid March to end of April around weddings.

Extra Info and links:
I am looking to make charity donations to ?Pink Heal? now and waiting for their reply. So hopefully they will let me place their logo and info on the calendar. They will get a set $ per calendar sold as you will. I doubt they will say yes because it is for breast cancer.

My calendar FaceBook link:

The 2011 calendar is still for sale if you know anyone who wants to purchase one at

Thanks again for your interest.
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