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Two Actresses to Host Online Show
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Minneapolis, MN
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I have a need for two female actresses to host an online show (YouTube). Inspiration from Hot for Words or What the Buck, but we will have our own style and direction.

The show will address important social issues as selected jointly by myself and the two hostesses. Some, perhaps most, topics will be somewhat controversial.

My goal is for two short (5-minute) episodes weekly. We will probably shoot more than one episode at a sitting. We can work around mutually-agreeable schedules. Clearly this is a part time offer.

Actresses should be over 18, photogenic (show well on camera) with a pleasant speaking voice. They should be capable of improvisation on a theme based on a loose script. Public speaking history is a bonus, but no previous experience is required. You will be responsible for your own makeup and wardrobe.

My vision is of a fairly edgy show. If we want to attract a fan base, we need to be entertaining. The actresses should be comfortable being a little "out there" on screen. I don't expect us to do anything you would be afraid for your Grandma to see.

We'd work together to figure this out, but I envision one actress to play a fairly "straight" role. She's the smart one but maybe a little dry. The other acts like the ditz, but she's smarter than she thinks she is and often provides down to earth insight. I expect both topic selection and building the characters to be a partnership between the three of us.
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