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Promo Model needed for the Rock On The Range festival (Mapfre Stadium)
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Columbus, OH
Job Description:
We are looking for a dynamic female model for the Rock On The Range festival for Saturday May 20th and Sunday May 21st at the Mapfre Stadium in Columbus, Ohio.

Candidates must be very enthusiastic, reliable, authentic, and considerate to the public to promote our products and services during a 4-hours period on Saturday afternoon from 6:00pm to 10:00pm and a 4-hours period on Sunday afternoon from 6:00pm to 10:00pm.

Our company provides automated machines to rent portable phone chargers so that festival attendees can charge their phones on the go and enjoy the venue.

For this event we are looking to add a promotional role which consists of carrying an "usherette" tray holding our portable phone chargers so that potential customers in the festival grounds can stop you to rent our portable chargers. You will be an extension to our installed automated kiosks throughout the venue.

Interested candidates should respond with recent photos, including a recent head shot and a full body shot. We do not require these shots to be of a professional level. Please provide your contact information, including a telephone number and an email address as well as the best time to contact you. In addition, please list any relevant attributes that distinguish you and why this role may be of interest to you. No prior experience is required. The selected candidate be provided with a full pass to enjoy the festival during non-working hours.
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