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NOTICE: Nashville Film Institute Silent Film Casting Call
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Nashville, TN
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AUDITIONS will be held on Saturday, October 14, 2017 from 12-4pm
at the Nashville Film Institute (191 Polk Ave, Nashville, TN 37210)..

Shoot window: 10/23-10/27 (date TBD)

Project 5 - Evil Guitar
A Silent film written and directed by Reed Rosson

Synopsis: A psychological thriller/mystery about a young man who walks into a music store with his abusive girlfriend and the manager notices his interest in a particularly mysterious acoustic guitar...a guitar haunted and full of souls. The store manager gives it to the young man, and terror ensues within the couple's home.

Adam - age 18-30, white young male with a positive/happy-go-lucky nature, with a timid and submissive demeanor. He expresses great interest in music, especially in the mysterious "evil guitar" full of souls. He and Eve do not get along and Eve is not supportive of his fantasy. Grateful Dead T-shirt, glasses, torn blue jeans, sandals.
Eve - age 18-32, Adam's girlfriend, slim, stunning young-looking hippie girl, bitter and abusive toward Adam, mean in every scene. Dreadlocked hair (preferred but not required), sunglasses, headband, flower in hair, colorful necklace and bracelets, denim bell-bottoms, black chuck taylors.
Sven - age 40-60, Guitar store owner, male of any ethnicity, tall, skinny, sinister-looking, with a suspicious "old soul" and slick, trusting aura. Eccentric. All Black clothes/shoes/spiky hair, upside-down cross necklace, black goatee.
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