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Atlanta, GA
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compensation: chance for studio time production and full investment
There are alot of singers that want to be at the top of the industry but of all the singers that are signed or unsigned not even 1 percent make it to where they dream of going. I have been doing music since 1994 and i have seen talent who didnt deserve to make it make it and blow up and great singers never get a record deal. Even the ones that did didnt do as well as the ones with less talent then them. I have seen alot of singers fail cause they didnt have enough money to record themselves, had cousins managing them, didnt have the right team, and felt hopeless not knowing what direction to go in and how to get out there.

You need the right team and the right production and songs. Thats your backbone. Without the right records and right people pushing you its darn near impossible. We are the people you come to when you wanna go from a to z. When you are seriously ready to stop playing and take the next step to pursue your dream of fame and success.
We have the team in place from producers to songwriters to musicians to social media experts to take your dreams from fantasy to reality.

Are you ready to take the mantle from Beyonce and Rihanna? as they move on to the next level of their careers. Theres a diva niche that needs to be filled and its open for 2019 right now. ARE you ready to fill it? If so hit us
with Your social media pages with pics and music and a number to reach you and take the next step in your evolution from talented singer to superstar diva.
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