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Casting Call - Short Film
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Charlotte, NC
Job Description:
Queensouth Entertainment and P1322Productions are looking for serious actors and actresses to play in the independent film Lady Akai:
Retired from the streets, casual music producer MJ ET decides to transform his hobby into a profession. Now making 1000s of thousands, he fills empty without a companion. While strolling along in the park he meets his future wife (Charlotte), who inspires him to write music as well as produce, resulting in millions. Suddenly tragedy strikes concerning his wife, and he is forced back on the streets for answers.
Available characters:
Dancing Man or Woman - someone who dances to ET beats throughout the movie. Actor or Actresses must know how to dance.
Banks - an ex pimp turned slightly straight. He still seems to get in trouble with women by stalking them on the street. He has always adored Charlotte.
Helen - a friend of Charlotte and Tiffany (Charlotte's best friend). Into the swinger life, she and her husband have also adored Charlotte.
Kidnapper - the man responsible for the tragedy. He has always adored Charlotte and took it upon himself the do something about it. Kidnapper must be able to speak fluently.
Peanut - he is one of Merk Jenkins group of friends. They all are like brothers. Peanut is one of the wild dudes in the group. He doesn't take to much mess from anyone.
Peter - Helen's husband.
William - he is the kidnapper live and in the flesh.
Yellow - he is a Caucasian man who has always adored Charlotte. One of the man who always seem to find Charlotte and Tiffany while they are out with the girls.
Please email if interested. Thank you.
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