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In-Store Infomercial Hosts/Sales Brand Representatives, Charlotte
Job Location:
Charlotte, NC
Job Description:
Seeking actors, actresses, and entertainers to audition for Sales Brand Representatives/In-Store Infomercial Hosts positions. Talent recruiter states: "Representing and selling major brand names for promotional and product demonstration for our Charlotte Team. Looking for high-energy actors/entertainers for in-Store Infomercial Hosts/Sales Brand Representatives role. Must be charismatic, a great communicator, able to speak in front of crowds (both small and large), have strong stage presence, and able to memorize a four- to five- page script. You will demonstrate and be responsible for selling products as you are entertaining and pumping up a live crowd. Ability to multitask is important. Must be articulate, able to speak clearly, and must love being the center of attention."
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