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Job Title:
Broadcast Commercial
Job Location:
Richmond, VA
Job Description:
Seeking various talent to fill lead, supporting, and background roles for an untitled broadcast commercial (conflicts: home improvement). See role breakdown for specific ethnicity and age ranges.

Role Breakdown:
Males and Females, age range: 4+; African American Female, age 25-50; African American Male, age 25-50; Caucasian Females​, age 30-60; Caucasian Male, age 18-25; Caucasian Females, age 18-25; Caucasian Males, age 30-60; Caucasian Female, age 6-12; Caucasian Male, age 6-12; Hispanic Females, age 30-50; Hispanic Male, age 30-50; Hispanic Female, age 6-12; Hispanic Male, age 6-12; Female (Any Ethnicity), age 65-75; Male (Any Ethnicity), age 65-75.

Pays: $750 flat. Transportation and lodging will be provided if selected.
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