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'Fathers & Wolves'
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Greenville, SC
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Casting "Fathers & Wolves." Synopsis: Over the course of a single day, a trinity of stories unfolds as Johnny, frat boy extraordinaire, tries to escape his latest sexual conquest; Peaches, ex-princess, plots her independence from a low-budget pimp Velvet Jones; and a downtrodden Reverend embarks blindly on a dangerous adventure in relentless pursuit of prosperity. In this highly stylized drama, each crime-adjacent narrative spotlights the duality of human nature as the colorful cast confronts the consequences of their moral, and sometimes fatal, actions.

Lola (Lead) female 21-29
Johnny (Lead) male 18-28
Father (Supporting) 35-60
Velvet Jones (Lead) male 21-29
Peaches (Lead) female 18-26
Mort (Supporting) male 25-35

Rehearsals in April; shoots weekends throughout May in Atlanta, GA.
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