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Nashville, TN
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A girl must save her little sister's innocence by doing the thing she fears most: reaching out.


Male (9-13)
"Cool" boy with a speech impediment. He's second best on the academic team, but he is terrified of costing his team a championship trophy because of his stutter. A great deal of pressure is put onto Troy by parents of other kids on the team who think he is unfit to compete (stuttering during an academic match is grounds for disqualification). He overcompensates for this by acting out as the class clown.

Male (30s-70s)
Tina's boyfriend who enables and facilitates her disintegration as a call girl. Al is a father, himself, and has a unique father/daughter relationship with Marty. However, his clouded judgement and lack of values cause him to abuse the trust that Tina and Marty have placed in him. Broken households are all he's ever known.

SHOOTING: August - September
LOCATION: Nashville, TN
COMPENSATION: Meals, Credit, Copy

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