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Job Title:
Casting for a feature film
Job Location:
Richmond, VA
Job Description:
Casting a film based on an autobiography book "Black Family Lies."

Young Delois (Lead): Female, 14-19

Adult Delois (Lead): Female, 21-50

Young Tigria (Lead): Female, 5-10

Teenage Tigria (Lead): Female, 13-23

Adult Tigria (Lead): Female, 22-40

Teenage Donnell (Supporting): Male, 13-17

Young Donnell (Supporting): Male, 5-11

Adult Donnell (Supporting): Male, 18-30

Aunt Lena (Supporting): Female, 25-40

Aunt Rose (Supporting): Female, 24-36

Aunt Diane (Supporting): Female, 21-30

Uncle Ralph: Male, 28-38

Ruth Mae (Supporting): Female, 40-62

James, Jr. (Supporting): Male, 12-17

Ralph, jr. (Supporting): Male, 13-19

James, Sr. (Supporting): Male, 27-40

Rehearses Summer; shoots Fall in Richmond, VA.
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