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Indie Feature Needs Cast
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Alburquerque, NM
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We are now holding auditions for several Female roles in our new film that we'll be shooting in New Mexico, currently labeled "Suicide Girl Proejct". It will be shot on a "write as we shoot" basis, Principle Photography is set to begin February 6th.

Brief Overview: A young woman struggles with where her life is going while on the verge of suicide.

Below are the descriptions for the Female characters we need filled:



Ex-Girlfriend who's still in love - 20's to 30's; She has never stopped loving her Ex, and yet he won't let her back in. She's determined to either end their differences once and for all, or somehow win him back.

Stripper - 20's to 30's (involves nudity); Stripping is her life, but not her passion. She is erotic, can be seductive and yet has a sentual side to her. When finds something or someone she wants, she goes for it!

Indifferent Mother - 40's to 50's; She has given up on life. Even the face that her own daughter may be heading down her same path doesn't affect her much.

Gothic/Punk Girlfriend - 20's to 30's (involves nudity/sexual matieral); She's a tough, independant girl with strong beliefs. She loves her boyfriend to death, but sometimes still feels neglected.

Bad Influencial Friend - 20's to 30's; Basically cares about living her life. When a friend is in trouble, she's there to provide the stress relief that isn't always the best.

Horny Friend - 20's to 30's; She loves being sexual, both with guys and girls. She loves to flirt and to party.


These are NON-PAID roles, but food will be covered.

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