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Submission Subject Line: Role Name I Your Full Name I Tree Widow (If you are selected you will move to the next casting phase and be sent the sides to submit a self tape.)
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Atlanta,charlotte, GA
Job Description:
Filming begins: November 2018 Must be local to Atlanta

Low Budget Sag/deferred payment Imdb Credit, Copy, Meals on Set

Talent Needed/Breakdown:

➢ JAMAL (Lead) AA, 30’s, Young handsome and ambitious. Attracted to Sarah an older woman, married to Sophia.
➢ MARSHA (Lead) AA, 25-30, Young attractive woman, frigid and uncomfortable with intimacy. Wife to Jamal.
➢ GARDENER (Supporting) Any Ethnicity, 50-60, Kind, gentle and all around good man. Sarah’s gardener.
➢ CLARA (Lead) AA, 13-16, Clara has been kicked out of her mother’s house. Has a dream to be somebody and make a difference.
➢ (3) LADY FRIENDS (Day Player) Any Ethnicity, 40-60, Sarah’s good friends. Vital and alive, intelligent and thoughtful.
➢ (5) MEN FRIENDS (Day Player) Any Ethnicity, late 20’s to early 40’s, Platonic friends of Sarah. Handsome and intelligent. Positive professionals.
➢ HAROLD (Day Player) Any Ethnicity, 30-40, Abusive drug addict. Delilah’s domestic abuse partner.
➢ TOOTIE (Supporting) Any Ethnicity, 20-25, College age young woman.
➢ SOPHIA (Supporting) Any Ethnicity, early 30’s-40, Beautiful tall (min height 5’8) model type. Has a broken spirit, bitter until transformed by love.
➢ DAVID (Supporting) Any Ethnicity, late 20’s to mid 30’s, (min height 5”11) Handsome, Christian like disposition. Attracted to Sophia.
➢ MILLE (Supporting) Any Ethnicity, 30-40, Woman of wisdom. Lives with Sarah to escape her abusive Christian Deacon husband.
➢ MRS. TANDEM (Dayplayer) Any Ethnicity, flashback character, A godly woman who encourages Sarah. The character will be dressed similar to that of the 50’s era . Ability to look young and older.
➢ YOUNGER SARAH (Dayplayer), Mulatto (mixed),14-15, Small to medium build with curly hair.
➢ CAROL (Supporting) Any Ethnicity, 30-60, A working nurse, any build, comedic.
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