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The Garden'
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, NW
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C.A.E. Films LLC in association with Shades Studios
Jason C. Bair, dir.

Casting two male leads in “The Garden," a feature film. Synopsis: A group of friends in their mid-20s face the turning point in their lives when each of them must choose the path their future will take. With one of them recently out of drug rehab, they struggle to maintain their lifestyle as night-goers of the exhilarating nightclub ‘The Garden’ while facing pressures of school, career, and pursuing their dreams. "The Garden" is a character drama focused on reinvigorating the dance subculture of the 80s-90s.
23; building credits at his local community college, Christian has strong ambitions to transfer into a state university to pursue a communications degree; best friend of recovering addict Casey, Christian feels the pressures of trying to hold his group of friends together while also unable to shake his own “addiction” to their favored nightclub in lieu of early-morning classes and dwindling grades.
ETHNICITY: All Ethnicities
REQUIRED MEDIA: Headshot/Photo
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