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Lincoln, NE
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NOW CASTING: Primetime television network seeking high voltage, charismatic, diverse personalities for documentary series about life in college. Spit your best “game” in our video competition and win an opportunity to be part of this exciting new ensemble show. NOTE: Serious applicants only.

This is your chance to show us what’cha got and don’t hold back! Be creative, think outside the box, and convince us why you and/or your group of friends would make awesome cast members for our series.

1) MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD minimum 26 YEARS OLD maximum.
NO EXCEPTIONS. *I.D. will be required.
2) MUST BE enrolled and attending a college or university.
3) MUST BE socially active within college community.
4) MUST BE personable, camera
friendly, and ready to spit some major game.
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