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Casting for the Movie "Rebound"
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Atlanta, GA
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When life slams you down what would be your road to recovery? If you held a secret would you tell? When times get tough who would be in your corner?

Secrets, Death and a Twist of Faith...

Role 1
Reggie Tillman
Male, 26 to 39

Role 2
Cory Jack
Male, 26 to 39
Featured / MALE / 30 TO 50 / Caucasian, Italian, Latin
Think Larry Joe Campbell from "According to Jim" - Looking for a Caucasian person who is funny and can bring the likeness of Joe Campbell into the manager role.

Female, 13 to 17
Featured / FEMALE / 15 TO 17 / Black - White Mix
Teenage daughter of single dad, Dexter. Need to be mixed. Video audition should show you as a over protective teen.

Role 7
Ms Pearl
Female, 40 to 59
Cameo / FEMALE / 54 TO 70 / Caucasian
Mrs. Pearl is an elderly woman, think Betty White...looking for older Caucasian women or caucasian that can play an elderly role.

Role 8
Jeremiah Gates
Male, 26 to 39
Lead / MALE / 24 TO 34 / African American
Jeremiah is the son of Faithima...he's a very accomplished young man whose still bitter about his absent dad but is there to make his mother and sister are taken care of.

Please send bio & resume along with pics & video.
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