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Casting Actors for “Arbor Day”
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Detroit, MI
Job Description:
Casting adult actors for the short film “Arbor Day”. The film is a fairytale for adults about an evil creature imprisoned under a tree set loose. Think “Pan’s Labyrinth” meets “Children of Men.” “Arbor Day” will be a fusion of digital and super 16mm photography. We will shoot for two weekends beginning in April.

Available Roles:

Thomas: (Aged 50-65) (Lead) Thomas appears to be a tough, weathered man with a greying beard. Though he may look old, Thomas has reflexes like lightning and strength of men thirty years his junior. Years on the road and family tragedy haven’t hardened his good natured soul.
The Boy: (Aged 12) (Lead) This is Thomas as a boy and/or the Boy of Thomas’ fairytale. The kid has guts.
Luke: (Aged 30’s) A cowboy boot wearing, rolled cigarette smoking, handsome tough guy. (requires time spent in SFX make-up)
Mary: (Aged 35-45) A smart, self-reliant lady who has spent the last couple of years on the road.
John: (Aged 14) Though forced to me the man of the house at a young age, John is quick to crack a smile.
Uncle: (Aged 30’s) Elder brother to the (now) deceased father of the Boy. A wild and charismatic man. (requires time spent in SFX make-up)

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