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Casting Female Actors Production of “My Sister by no Other Name”
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itsthavoice! Productions is casting two strong actresses for their March Production of “My Sister by no Other Name”. Production contains strong language and situations. Actresses need to be versatile performers and singing is helpful, but not mandatory.

Three women with the same name find out they have more than just that, in common…traveling by bus to where they believe is home. compelling story of faith, loss, and gain.

Available Roles:
Angela 1: butch, jaded, cynical late twenties early thirties
Angela 2: party girl, carefree, early twenties

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If you are interested in applying please submit your headshot and resume.

NOTE: If you do not have a headshot or resume please send letter of interest or information on which role you would like to audition for. Auditions are by appointment
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