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Male Model and Female Models Needed
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Cincinnati, OH
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I am currently in law school and have a background in modeling (years ago though). I will be doing a photo set including a range of material and I want to incorporate others and their ideas as well. I will be financing the project and expect there to be some collaboration but can stick to my ideas just as easily. I need a male model (I am also male), at least one female model although open to more female models.

All positions are paid and the process will involve more than one location for about 2-3 hours at each location. All models will be paid $20 or more depending on material. I know it's not much but there's enough talent in Cincinnati to build something bigger. If you have a location or know someone who does let me know and give me a price you'd be looking for.

Ideas so far include people as centerpieces on tables or framed artwork, man and woman as loving couple, deities from Indian and Norse mythology, man and man as predators of some distant prey, man and man as rivals but with some connection - like brothers or business partners. No nude material planned at this time, but let me know if you really need/want nude material for your portfolio. Everyone involved will be allowed to use the material by contract and I will copyright the material.

Timing on this project is not as important to me as quality but I want to be done by the middle of February to start editing.

Please include a photo, link to your profile if you have one, size, and age.

Currently focusing on models 18+.
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