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Ryan Picco

Hey everyone at "Get Connected Talent". It took about two months of consistency but I have landed my first booking in Colorado Springs Colorado. I am working a total of 15 hours and getting paid 42 dollars an hour promoting the concert clothing for the concert that will be showing. Thank you "Get Connected Talent" for this great opportunity. I will be looking forward for my next job booking. Thank you, Ryan Picco

Mandi Leachman

Doritos Commercial Contest 2009 (Jay Allan Productions) Jay Allan Producer

Chuck Gramlung - Director (I was one of the models in a bikini dancing around for Doritos which was on the Super bowl Contest website. I got paid 100 bucks! On the Set I met a connection. His name is Joe Stilley he is a Jacksonville photographer and I am now one of his models.

Local Network channel party city bus Commercial in Nashville TN for Comcast. I was one of the models on the party bus for their commercial to promote Nashville's Party Bus.

I was an Extra in an Independent film called "To see her move" based in ATL Georgia.

I got booked a promotional modeling gig for the bike convention in Charlotte for biker’s magazine.

Because of your company I submitted for a print job for a fashion magazine in Safety Harbor FL. I didn't get the gig but I did get an interview they called me 3 months later and now I am under their management company. They booked me a gig to be one of the models for Leah fore's 2010 Spring Line Connection.

I have had many responses from different e-mails MTV contacted me to be an extra for a teen wolf but then found out my age and decided I was too old even though I look young.

"I would definitely say your company started my modeling career and acting career and it was worth every penny".

Thanks so much for your time

Mandi Leachman

Selena Music

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You used to tell me that it takes time and it doesn't happen overnight, and you're right! But in the end it does pay off.
I had my first job promoting for Buick at a golf tournament in Ponte Vedra. I worked 7 days and got paid $150 a day! That's a great start I think! The client loved me and asked me to travel throughout the United States with them over the summer, for an even higher pay!
I also have an Axe promotion coming up in Daytona, and then after that, I was offered a job as a promo girl at a Nascar event in Daytona which will be in July.
This is all thanks to you and your agency. You have always been so easy to talk to and always so professional. Thank you for helping me build my resume and helping me gain the confidence I need to succeed.
I will keep you updated on things in the future!

Thank you so much!
I actually just got off the phone with a client from New York who's asked me to do a beach promo in ST. Augustine this summer!
I am so happy, everything is going so great!
It seems like job after job just keep pouring in!
Thanks again!

Kayla Perkins

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been selected to be 2009 Dream Girl Model for "Once Upon A Dream" Calendar!

I am so excited and wanted to share my great news today with everyone! I am so thankful for being selected! Check out below all the stuff I won for being chosen as a Model for the Calendar! Anyone wishing to buy one of my Calendars please let me know! All the money raised from the Calendars will go to ADA - So I am also helping out a great cause! Please support Kayla Perkins and American Diabetes Association!

Get your 2009 Calendars today; they will ship out on May 2008! Kayla will also autograph your Calendar if you would like her autograph! I also have a chance to be on Front Cover of Supermodels Unlimited in the future for Once Upon A Dream. Look for my full page Future Supermodel Rising Star ad coming out in SU soon! If you Order your 2009 Calendar today before Feb 29th you will save $6 off the price of the calendar!

We do take PayPal for the calendars and we will ship them to your address! Show your support for your Pageant Sister Kayla and ADA Fund!
God Bless!
Michelle & Kayla Perkins

Cassie Christman

I have recently done a fitness photo-shoot. Bringing outfits to the photo-shoot, the photographer chose many different outfits to compliment my skin completion. I took normal pictures and flexed to show my biceps for others. I made video recordings of me just flexing my muscles and arm wrestling. After two hours of shooting, i made $150. It was a very fun, but casual photo-shoot. I loved the new experience and can't wait to do more thanks.


Jennie Woodall

I have 2 jobs booked so far, and already completed one. It was a Promotional Event for Nationwide Insurance at the OSU Basketball game last weekend. It was pretty fun and paid $17 an hour! The onsite manager was not professional but the owner of the agency was great to work with. I am on good terms with him and have the next open spot for any Dayton jobs. I am really excited and ready to get more jobs! Next weekend I will be modeling Pajamas for the Hasbro's Company inside a Wal-Mart. That was going to pay $8 an hour but the agent for Demos Express was so impressed with my photos she is going to pay me $10 an hour instead!
I look on the Job Listing page every day waiting for something else to come open!
Thanks for this great opportunity!!

Jennie Woodall

Meghan Schluckbier

As a mother of a VERY precocious and social 4 year old daughter, I was impressed with your professionalism. I was quite skeptical at first but feel very confident with your company. Thank you for keeping our babies, babies. My daughter Meghan remembers people's names and faces. She really was looking forward to seeing "Mr. Jackson". She also enjoyed "Mr. Robert" of Divasall photography. He managed to get and hold Meghan's attention not to mention, follow directions in a timely fashion. I would like a written report on exactly how he accomplished this... please! Dillon, I would like to express my gratitude for your candor; a refreshing, albeit, rare trait among people today. We wish you well on all your new endeavors from the Grand Rapids area.


Marci Schluckbier (a.k.a. Meghan's Mom)