faceBEAUTY-Individuality and uniqueness! It is about having a LOOK and whether YOU possess the look the client needs.

CONFIDENCE- Clients look for talent that are self-assured and will project a good image to maximize the exposure of their products.

AMBITION- Modeling is YOUR business and your success depends on you! We want to be part of your modeling career, but we don’t want to BE your modeling career!

PROFESSIONALISM- A professional is someone who’s there to do a job to the best of their ability, while always remembering they provide a service for others.  You are there to do a job - not to be adored. At all times YOU must maintain simple business ethics and represent yourself in the best manner possible! Remember that SOMEONE is always watching! ANY unprofessional behavior could land you on a client’s BLACK LIST!

COMPETITIVE- A model or actor must understand that this is a competitive environment and that you will promote yourself without harming those around you! Sabotaging others or participating in gossip will only broadcast the negative about you to others, so DO NOT stoop to the levels of other’s negativity!  Walk away!

ENTHUSIASM- It is contagious. It can light a fire in a photo shoot and bring energy to an entire room! Enthusiasm feeds the soul and it significantly affects the buying signals you portray in WHAT you are modeling. If you are excited, the consumer will be excited!

RESPONSIBLE- - Many tasks and duties may be assigned, and it is your   responsibility to complete the booking assignments fully and to the best of your ability. Don’t submit yourself for a job if you don’t meet the qualifications!

STAMINA- A model or actor must be able to stand on their feet all day and still look good, while allowing no one to know of their discomfort.

PATIENCE- Success will not happen overnight!  You must be willing to work hard in order to see a return on your investment. You will hear NO more than YES! Ask for constructive criticism and you will be respected!