1. DO'S

    Submit clear photos that are in focus.

    Submit at least one headshot and a full length shot.

    Keep make-up to a minimum.

    Keep hairstyles simple and well groomed. "Up-do's", braids, weaves and overly fancy hairstyles can result in your photos being rejected.

    Keep clothing simple and in good taste. Remove jewelry.

    Always include your name, age, height, measurements, phone number, email address and city you live in.

    Include any experience or training that you have.

    Write your name, stats and contact information on the back of each of your photos.

    Submit photos that are in good taste.

    Remember that first impressions are important.

    Pay attention to your grooming and overall appearance.

    Pay attention to the background in your photos. Try to shoot photos against a plain wall or outdoors.

    Female models should take photos in a two-piece swimsuit.

    Male models should take photos in shorts with no shirt.

    DON'TS -
    Do not submit photos with anyone else in the photo but you (that includes your pet dog or cat).

    Do not wear hats, gloves, long gowns, sunglasses or prescription glasses.

    Do not submit grad, prom or wedding photos.

    Do not use make-up if you are male.

    Do not wear jewelry. Male models do not wear jewelry or earrings.

    Do not dress children up in fancy clothes, use make-up or make them look like beauty pageant contestants. Kids should be natural.

    DO NOT SEND NUDES! Modeling agencies DO NOT want to see you naked! Please put on a swimsuit.

    Do not submit photos that are "suggestive" in nature. There is a difference between being sexy and being trashy. Sexy is good, trashy is not.

    Do not submit photos that are taken with a Web Cam. These photos are never good and are always rejected.

    Do not use "special effects" on your photos.

    Do not
    submit photos where you are so far away in the photo they need a magnifying glass to see you.

    Do not send a written description of yourself in lieu of photos.

    Do not send original photos by mail. We do not return photos.