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Casting African American Woman
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Minneapolis, MN
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I am doing a website for a feature film I am producing. The project has a very well known African American actress attached. I have been working on the project for approx. ten years.

I have a very small budget to shoot elements for the website. I am seeking an African American woman in the

28-40 age range that, from a profile, is clearly African American. There will (possibly) be a voice element to it as well, but likely we are just going for visuals. The character will only be seen in silhouette,

All that is required is for the actress to own a ankle high dress (preferably a solid color) and have a very distinctive profile. This will be shot against a green screen to be turned into flash elements for a website.

The shoot will last 6 hours and is being done at a local studio. Unfortunately the budget is extremely low as I am shoe stringing this together. This will be a very professional shoot - not student level.

I can afford to pay someone $50 for their time, which I realize is an insult in many ways, but when you hear the details of the project, you will likely be very excited by what it is. If you are available and willing to participate in a half day green screen shoot, I can assure you it will be a good experience.

The shoot is happening this next Sat (Jan 29th) Time of dayTBA in NE Minneapolis.
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