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El Paso, TX
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Casting Indian Actors for USC Student Film.


Sumaiya, born and raised in the brothel slums of Bangledesh, witnesses her mother, Nazma, dealing with a client, Anik. She tries to flee what seems like an inescapable fate only to realize that it is not so easy.

Character Breakdowns:

Sumaiya: Female, 14 years old, South Indian. (Looking for someone 18 years or older who can pass for this age) A beautiful young girl watches her mother handling a client next door through a hole in the wall. She wants to have a better life for herself, so that one day she can live a life different than her mother did. In the midst of trying to flee out, she gets her period.

Nazma: Female, early 30s, South Indian. A woman who was once full of life, but has had the life and beauty sucked out of her at an early age. Nazma has a nudity scene in the film. Although the shot list may not actually call for nudity(ex. A closeup shoulder shot, etc) there may be at any time a need for nudity for the scene.

Anik: Male, 60s, South Indian. Includes a nudity scene. A lustful man who often visits the brothel to escape from reality and to relax. He kisses Nazma, smokes a (herbal) cigarette, and hands her cash.

Extras: Male, Female. All ages 18 and above.

USC Student Play holding auditions for paid actors.

Copy/Credit, Meals.

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