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Brand Ambassadors/Product Demonstrators Wanted
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Denver, CO
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Robin Egg Demos is seeking brand ambassadors (food and beverage demonstrators) for Whole Foods Market in Denver as well as surrounding areas.


Raise customers' awareness of the brand and create a positive experience of the product you are sampling.

Actively attract shoppers attention to the brand and warmly and knowledgeably interact with them in order to sell the product you are demonstrating/sampling. (Though this is not a commission based job, a certain amount of selling is required. If you are not comfortable with "warm", "soft" selling, please do NOT apply for this position.)

Properly set up, take down, and clean up the demonstration table and other related demonstration items.

Prepare and serve food and beverage samples using required appliances, such as; microwave, convection oven, electric fryer, skillet, juicer, coffee maker, cooking utensils, forks/knives and hot oils.

Deliver excellent, highly engaged service to customers and conduct yourself in a manner befitting Whole Foods customer-centric brand image.

Accurately prepare and submit all online reports in a timely manner. (These are necessary to pay you for your work.)


Professional presentation. Meticulous hygiene, a "put together" appearance (no tee shirts, jeans, no brand logo clothing - unless otherwise provided to you by the brand while sampling their product), no facial piercings, excessive tattoos, etc. If you are unable to project a professional appearance (this includes appearing poised, confident, friendly, articulate, knowledgeable about the product you're sampling and enthusiastically interested in the customer's experience), please do NOT apply for this position.

Reliable transportation to drive to Whole Foods locations within distances you specify (we won't assign you to stores that you deem too far away from you) and Saturday availability. Though demos are available on other days of the week as well, Saturdays are required and are non-negotiable. (If you can't work Saturdays, please do NOT apply for this position.)

Ability to access the internet and navigate our company website in order to: view instructional materials (in both Word and PDF format), review your assigned schedule, submit completed demo reports, and so forth. If you're not proficient at using the internet, please do NOT apply for this position.

Ability to invest a small up-front cost (approximately $50 that can be written off for tax purposes) to purchase the items you'll need for your demos - a folding table, plastic utensils, and napkins. (We pay a living wage and feel this is a reasonable request. If you're not able to satisfy it, please do not apply for this position.)


We pay a living wage. Depending on the kind of food or beverage you're demonstrating/sampling (whether the product needs to be kept heated, for example), and provided you conduct the demo professionally, we pay $15-$18 per hour with a significant and automatic pay increase after six months of good service.

Though you have to be available to work Saturdays, you're otherwise free to mostly set your own schedule and to accept as many or as few demos as you like. This doesn't mean you can be all loosey-goosey about follow-through - once you commit to a certain number of demos it's your responsibility to keep this commitment and complete them - but YOU get to choose just how many hours of work you'd like to commit to in the first place.

You'll be working in Whole Foods (through our company, Robin Egg Demos). In case you haven't noticed, Whole Foods is one of the nicest, cleanest, friendliest, best organized, aesthetically appealing, well-regarded grocery stores around. It's a very nice environment to work in.

As a company, we're human, reasonable, available, and ethical. We don't think the brands we represent or the stores we partner with (Whole Foods, for example) should get better treatment than our own people. We don't think businesses who treat their people with less respect and care than they do their customers have a leg to stand on, and at Robin Egg Demos, we do everything we can to walk this talk (starting with paying a living wage with rapid opportunities for pay increases based on performance).




$15.00 to $18.00 /hour
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