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Female Sports Enthusiast Casting Call
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Seeking female hosts for sports talk show, all ethnicities between the ages of 25-37.
Must have strong knowledge of sports and pop culture, improv background is a plus.

Must have flexible schedule and committed to shoots once signed on to show. We are looking for great dynamic personalities that can get along well with an all female cast. Other skills you can have that relate to sports with regards to fitness, fashion, comedy skills, sports nutrition, sports writing or sports forecasting is welcome.
Being a team player mentality is a must!

On camera interview experience is a plus. Upbeat fun personalities with a relatable experience to a specific sport(s) and the knowledge to actively engage in conversation about a variety of sports both past and present.

Also seeking stats person and sports writers.

This is a casting call. Compensation cannot be provided. All applicants will be contacted via email for the interviews.

Please send an email with a head shot, resume or list related experience and a direct form of contact. Please include your full name, email and phone number.

The casting will be the last week of November.
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