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Job Title:
Street Team Needed
Job Location:
Cleveland, OH
Job Description:
We are looking for a few people to help out with promotions in the Cleveland OH area.

The first campaign is centered around the Gaming industry.

We are hiring immediately! If this goes well we will have future work for you with other campaigns.

We promote everything from various business markets to music, gaming & film industry work.

Who we are looking for:

Reliable and will do what is expected or committed to on a capmpaign.
No drama . No excuses.
Can Follow simple directions.
Outgoing and personable.
Reliable transportation or alternative abilities to get from A to B to C and back.
Smart phone ( iOS or Android is fine ) and can take pictures that aren't blurry . If you have a cracked screen please let us know. Some campaigns it matters and other campaigns it does not.

We require a report to be given with each campaign which is just a simple survey or log of where you have been and photo proof you executed what we asked.

Must have a smartphone with camera or digital camera you can easily load into email , FTP or dropbox as we will require some evidence of the completed work assigned in order to pay you. We have to have tangible proof you are working and doing what is asked so we know our clients are taken care of.

Experience is wonderful but not required! Some campaigns are very simple logistics and drop offs, to postering to flyering to demonstrating product and have different pay rates.

Please send your resume, recent photo and contact info when you e-mail us. You will be sent an application form with additional information and will have a time scheduled to discuss more details of the project.
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