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Male Models Needed - Clothing Line
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Columbus, OH
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Sweat Seal is the ultimate undershirt that 100% prevents pit stains. Unlike Deodorants that have you rely on powders and chemicals to keep you dry (sometimes), Sweat Seal physically captures sweat and turns it to vapor 100% preventing pit stains!

After finishing a very successful Indiegogo campaign in September we are gearing up to ship our first batch of inventory and begin retail efforts worldwide. This spread will also support the roll out of the Ecommerce site.

Since our CEO loves repeat customers we are intending to have the same goals with our models. We are looking to choose a strong set of seasoned dynamic men of all different flavors to showcase our line repeatedly. We are not looking for super buff specimens but lean and fit. We also have our eye out for a few thicker men as well.

Our casting will be on Sunday 11/12/17 from 1pm-3pm
The Idea Foundry
421 W State St.
Columbus, OH 43215

Please confirm your attendance by emailing a photo
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