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Talent Needed - Web Series
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Roanoke, VA
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Small Web Series is seeking to fill a few cast roles and we are looking for a variety of different types.. No experience necessary but please make note if indeed you do have acting experience because there are a few larger roles still available. There is no compensation for the roles other than credit and copy of the finished product. That being said, we will certainly give those hired, first consideration if indeed we do sell the project and get funding. We plan on starting production on a comedy Web Series in Jan of 2018 so we are casting the roles at present. Our principal cast have all done many other projects that have had national distribution and we may be small but we have a very top shelf project that's very well written. Our plans are to shoot a 10 episode first season that will air via the web and go from there. Some of the roles would require more than one day but we also have roles that just work for a day and then are done.

If interested, please send a note (along with the dreaded "Selfie"or a headshot) and let us know your email and we can send more info and answer specific questions or concerns you may have.
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