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Casting Call - Miliary Film
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Greenville, SC
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Kera Conn Armada - Casting call
Written and Directed by Jon Hogan
A Counter factual History thriller \drama \Horror about a group of corrupt U.S Army soldiers in 1986. A female soldier named Dotson gets a night-terror like dream which invokes her destiny to come.
Two M.P's left are to guard an old battalion building once used to jail AWOL soldiers. A soldier named Gardo attempts to break in to the building to steal his mail. As the M.P's catch him, a new situation emerges that will change all three of their lives.

**LEAD ROLE **[ FEMALE aged 20-23] -SGT. DOTSON - She is intelligent and meticulous. Has a strong taste in fashion and music. Hunt's down the sandbag crew soldiers.

**LEAD**[FEMALE aged 20-23] SGT. DIAZ is best friends with Dotson.

**LEAD**[MALE 20-26] M.P MILLER - U.S soldier . Calm and collected , however exploits moments of psychotic rage. Involved in some theft, but is a vigilante against AWOL soldiers.

**LEAD**[MALE 20-26] M.P FIELDS - Partners with MILLER guarding the building at night. Works together with MILLER to steal and sell Military goods.

[MALE 22-37] PFC GARDO - An AWOL , Passionate and able to adapt socially. Young , wild and naive. Try's to lie his way out.

[ MALE aged 21-25] - - SGT. NEELS , strong soldier with leadership and will to fight his way out. Was friends with Dotson and Diaz at one point, but currently opposes them. Likes to show off infornt of his buddies.

[MALE 20-25] TRUCK DRIVER - Set up a deal with MILLER to buy a secret reel of film.

[7 MALES aged 20-27]- Soldiers of the sandbag crew [extras]

[20 MALES aged 19-29]- Normal U.S army soldiers.[extras]

[MALE aged 20-25] - SSG. RIO , injured and nearly helpless. Easily startled and hot-headed in tense situations.

SPECIAL INFO ON EXTRAS- All extra's in this motion picture will be soldiers, and casting will require them to be physically in shape to a certain degree. however, some exceptions can be made and more than 20 extras may be required, therefore it is an infinite number on this call list for extra playing soldiers.
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