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Casting Call - Short Film
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Greensboro, NC
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Hello All, My name is Eric Dobbins and Im a Senior at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Im creating a 10 minute short film titled 3:15 and it is a suspenseful crime film that follows Charlie as he's captured and interrogated by the police but something feels off about the entire situation. I'am looking for a Male and Female actor to play the role of the cops of the film. The Male cop has been on the force for years but has some emotional baggage from a criminal encounter that didn't go as planned. The female cop is a detective who tries her best to enforce the law and be a civil as she can. If you would like to help produce this film then please feel free to contact me for the role! This film will start shooting soon and due to there only being one main location the maximum shoot time should be at most is a week.
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