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Talent Needed for KTVA Product Spots
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Knoxville, TN
Job Description:
Designsensory is working with KTVAECU to create 6 product spots. Filming will be in the first two weeks of November. Multiple roles need to be filled, and each is for one day only. Looking for local talent around Knoxville. Roles are outlined below:

Elementary school age girl
Early-20s woman
Late 30's/early 40's mother
Late 30's/early 40's father
6-10 daughter
6-10 son
8-12 year old boy
Mid-20s couple (woman)
Mid-20s couple (man)
Early 40s father
Early 40s mother
6-12 year old daughter
6-12 year old daughter
7-8 year old girl
20s student
Mid-30s man

If you are interested, please email with your full name, age, contact information, headshot, and availability for the beginning of November.
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