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Child Models Needed - Ages 8+
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Dallas, TX
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Open Call for school-age children (8 - 19) for active and sportswear opportunities

Little Foxes Model Recruitment is currently doing an Open Call for school-age children (8 - 19) for active and sportswear opportunities.

Notice: We do not deal with third parties. We will only work directly with a parent and that parent must be involved through the submission process and be present during every photo shoot. At no time will the model be left alone with any adult other than the parent on record. Private dressing rooms will be provided for the parent to assist the model with wardrobe changes. Clothing adjustments, hair, and makeup will be done with parent present.

We do not discriminate based on race or color and encourage the handicapable to apply. Our client wants a realistic representation as possible, so don't pre-judge your child. What we do is look for the best grouping, which will include children from all walks of life.

Forefront models are compensated at a starting rate of 350. Background models begin at 200. For larger campaigns, there may be an additional back end payment involved.

We ask that you submit a few photos of the model applicant. They do not have to be professional quality. Keep it appropriate. We're not looking for any type of body reveal. Everyday school, play, or sports attire is perfectly acceptable. Understand we're just looking for prelim submissions that will be reviewed. Submission does not mean automatic hiring.
If you have previously submitted to Little Foxes or ILB Studios, we maintain records, so you do not have to resubmit photos. However, it's never a bad idea to let us know of your continued interest or if the model has changed appearances in some manner.
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