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Casting Call: Short Film "Dreamer"
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Dallas, TX
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"Dreamer" is a short drama. Hopeful and intelligent high school senior Diego, who was brought to America from Mexico as an infant, is just as much an American teenager as his friends and peers. However, his seemingly normal life is in jeopardy after changes in recent policy and political climate bring very real consequences to his life.

Auditions will be held on Monday, November 6th at the University of Texas at Arlington.


DIEGO RODRIGUEZ, 17-18 Chicano/ Handsome Hispanic Male. Average-athletic build. Like most child immigrants Diego remembers little of his native country (Mexico) and has lived his life as an American since then. He's a smart, outgoing ad noble kid with many friends and big dreams (with a big chance) of moving to California for college. He's grateful for his hard-working parents and good friends, including his best friend, that have helped him to where his is today.

ANDREW WILSON, 17-18, white male. Average build, goofy/ geeky attitude and demeanor. He is a witty, and borderline annoying best friend with a good heart and funny commentary.

MR. TEACHER, Over 30 adults, teacher type, any ethnicity. Over worked, but still cares about the job.

MOM, Over 40 Mexican/ Hispanic female. Kind, aged, and working woman who loves her son and has had a hell of a life. Bilingual with thick Spanish/ Mexican accent.

DAD, Over 40 Mexican/ Hispanic male. Tall, hard-working and loving man. Bilingual with thick Spanish/ Mexican accent.

Shooting Location: Arlington, TX
Project Type: Undergraduate Student, Short Film
Compensation: Copy, Credit.
Writer/Director: Edward Medeles
Producer(s): Justin Mccutchen
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