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Casting for Actress for Music Video
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San Antonio, TX
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Hello! I'm a recording artist looking for a charismatic lady to star in a pivotal role for a music video I'm directing. This shoot should only take a day and you will compensated for gas.

Once we are finished and the entire video has been edited, you will receive a copy for your own use.

No body requirements or specific looks needed. All I ask is that you are confident and that you bring your own uniqueness to the part. I only ask of a few prerequisites:

1) Age: 18-25
2) reliable transportation
3) flexible availability
4)please send in head shots (body shots optional but recommended)
5) also share any previous work experience you have

I will hold auditions for actresses starting this week. You are free to bring family or friends to the audition but NOT while we are on sight filming the actual music video.
NOTE: I am looking for actresses who are not necessarily experienced, but are interested or have talent. If you feel you can do this then give it a shot but keep in mind that I will only cover your travel expenses, after you have passed the audition phase, of course) and I will not be paying by the hour.

Feel free to contact with any questions or concerns
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