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Black Friday Event Staff Needed
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Job Description:
We are looking for workers able to do crowd control for large retail store during Thanksgiving Black Friday sale. This job will be on THANKSGIVING DAY in Grants, NM.

Job responsibilities:
-Maintain a static post until properly relieved (interior or exterior)
-Adjust to crowd dynamics and demographics
-Observe the crowd for potential problems
-Anticipate crowd activities and behavior
-Manage crowd ingress and egress while in queue lines
-Inform customers of the components of the event
-Monitor the flow of the crowd throughout the duration of the event
-Recognize potential crowd related emergency situations
-Report potential crowd issues to supervisors and store management
-Respond to and report crowd management issues and/or mitigate conflict
-Some event staff will be placed inside the store, others will be outside maintaining exits and large item pickup.

Dress Code:
-White collared shirt
-Dark Pants
-Black Belt
-Dark footwear
-Inappropriate tattoos must be concealed at all times
-Unmarked coat for outside staff

$12/hr (plus travel time if going from Albuquerque)
1 Supervisor - $15/hr

We are looking for people who live in Grants or in Albuquerque. If interested please contact Zachary by text (505) 399-9680 - you will need to have a valid e-mail and cell phone number to work this event.
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