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Spokane, WA
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Film extras of all ages wanted including speaking roles for the main characters.

When a local gang is terrorizing their estate, the residence decide enough is enough and form a support group for the victims of the gangs crimes. What happen though is that some of the support group feel that the gang is not being punished at all and so they become vigilantes seeking out the worst offenders and giving out their own 'rough justice'

It is known that the gang are using younger teens for drug runners dressed in their school uniform to avoid police detection

This film will be a gritty look into gang culture across the UK and examining how young offender are able to weave through the legal minefield with their knowledge of the law to avoid prosecution

Payment to be announced


➫Males & female all ages ➫
Film extras for over 30 different scenes in the film

➫10 females and males aged 18 to 45 Y.o.➫
Gang members, any look

➫Boys & girls aged under 18 Y.o.➫
Film extras for dozens of scenes. Please get parental or guardian permission before applying

➫3 females aged 18 to 32 Y.o.➫
Part of the support group, all 3 have been attacked and robbed of their handbags

➫3 males aged 18 to 35 Y.o.➫
Victims of assault

➫10 younger gang members aged 12 to 18 Y.o.➫
Must be able to ride bikes, will be drug runners for the older gang. Please get parental permission before applying

➫3 Males or females aged 35 to 55 Y.o.➫
Policeman / policewomen

Other roles will be announced throughout the year. You can submit your details for multiple roles. No time-wasters please.
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