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Pet Project for The Dodo
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Shoot will be at the location or home of the families chosen
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Casting a new animal rescue series for The Dodo - the digital brand dedicated to telling stories about animals. Casting a new series about pets and the kids who love them. Seeking kids (ages 2-8) who have unique, adorable bonds with their four-legged friends.

Casting states: "Are your child and pet obsessed with each other? What activities do they do together? Does your kid cook with his dog? Make arts & crafts with her cat? Dance with his horse? Play dress up with her pig? How do they like to spend their time together We're looking for memorable, quirky kid/animal pairs who are totally inseparable. We also want to hear the backstories of your pets, and how they came to join your family. What brought you all together? Is your pet a special needs or senior pet? A rescue pet from your local shelter? What's your pet's personality like, and how does he show his love for your kid?"Roles Collapse All Roles
Real Kids and Their Pets (Lead): Males & Females, 5-11
to be considered you must respond with pics of kids and their pets and tell us about their relationship and the activities they do together.
ETHNICITY: All Ethnicities
REQUIRED MEDIA: Headshot/Photo
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