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Women 35-45 Hands & Feet Model
Job Location:
Raleigh, NC
Job Description:
Filming a new national TV commercial and need a 35yo- 45yo female, preferably with modeling experience, to demonstrate how to apply our product as part of the commercial.

There's a shot of you washing your hands, then a shot of you rubbing Carpe into your hands, then a shot of your hands, then a shot of your feet. There's not any dialogue and barely any acting - we just need you to be attractive and have perfect hands and feet.

For the scene, you'll be wearing an orange wrap dress (if you don't have one we can buy you one).

To apply, please email me at with any professional (preferred) or non-professional photos you have, preferably in a wrap dress so we can see what you'll look like in one, as well as photos of the front and back of your hands, and photos of the soles of your feet, as well as your toenails. Don't worry about these being perfect.

If you're selected, we'll pay for a full mani/pedi on top of your $200 payment - we'd like you to get one the day before the commercial shoot, and wear orange nail polish on your fingernails and toenails.
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