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New Orleans, 'Jass Jubilee' Production
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New Orleans, LA
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Casting the New Orleans "Jass Jubilee" musical. Presented by the Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc (New Orleans), and with creative direction by Robin G. Parson.

Synopsis: At the core of the “Jass” dance movement was the free spirited women of New Orleans. These incredible ladies could interpret every “Jass” note played with their body movements. By the year 1915, these women were the masters at dancing the “Jass," challenging life at every level with un-measurable love of freedom; the women of the “Jass," with their rebellious attitude, inspired women across the city and the world to follow their lead and dance the “Jass."

The Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. New Orleans, LA

casting male & female
dancers trained in ballet, modern, jazz, as well as improvisation and can both act
and second line. Age requirement: 18-up.

Rehearsals begin June 2018 & Production is scheduled for August 2018. Applicants must be based in Louisiana.

$25/flat day rate. $125/performances
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