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Job Title:
Toyota commercial
Job Location:
New Orleans, LA
Job Description:
Casting directors are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on scenes filming in New Orleans, Louisiana this May 2018.

Producers are seeking the following types:

[RED HEADED GUY / HISPANIC OR LATINO] – Redheaded Hispanic Male Mid 20’s to Mid 30’s. You can feel his self confidence soon as he walks into a room. He is cool, calm, fun, charismatic and friendly guy.
[RED HEADED GIRL] Caucasian Female Mid 20’s to Mid 30’s. Attractive and fun with a charming personality.
[GUY FOR INTERRACIAL COUPLE] – Black / Hispanic mix Male Mid 20’s to Mid 30’s. Super cool attitude who is not a poser. He is probably the leader in a band.
[GIRL FOR INTERRACIAL COUPLE] – Caucasian Female 20s or 30’s. Contemporary, ,edgy,artsy look with a cool fun personality.
[HIP BARTENDER rocking COWBOY HAT] Caucasian Male Mid 20’s to mid 30’s. Can be a real cowboy the kind who never leaves home without boots on or a more hipster trendy type of guy. Cool Confident guy. He has swagger!!!! Has a genuine personality and everyone gives him a second look when he walks into the room.
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