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Job Title:
Casting for a short film
Job Location:
Baton Rouge, LA
Job Description:
Casting "Little Queen Of The Big South," a New York-based thesis film to be shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Synopsis: This story is about a young girl who is forced to live with her abusive aunt and uncle in Louisiana. While living with them she discovers that her younger cousin, the aunt and uncle’s daughter, is being physically abused. After confronting them about this, the aunt and uncle become very displeased and start to abuse the girl as well. This leads to the young girl helping her cousin escape in the only way she knows how.

Ava (Supporting): Female, 6-12

Mary (Supporting): Female, 25-45

Thomas (Supporting): Male, 25-50

Travel and meals provided.

Rehearsals TBD over video calls, then Aug. 1-13 in Louisiana; shoots Aug. 14-26 in Baton Rouge, LA.
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