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Job Title:
Casting for a short film
Job Location:
Atlanta, GA
Job Description:
Casting "The Parting Gift," a short about a Viking girl who finds a mysterious, dying creature deep within the woods one night and has a bonding experience with it. Producer states: "This is a short film that is the second in a series, which has been optioned and will be pitched to Netflix, Amazon, etc. Currently a nonunion production (subject to change)."


Asta (Lead): Female, 9-15

Hagen (Lead): Male, 11-15

Frey (Supporting): Male, 9-13

Ivar (Supporting): Male, 7-11

Kara (Supporting): Female, 25-40

Viking Chief (Supporting): Male, 25-60

Vikings: Males & Females, 25-50

Shoots late 2018 (approx. 4 days in Nov. or Dec.; shoots will be entirely at night, possibly over two weekends or school break). Shoots in Atlanta, GA.

Pays: $125/day.
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